When Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” on July 7 to stop Hamas rocket and missile attacks on Israeli civilian centers and destroy the labyrinth of tunnels Hamas had dug to infiltrate Israel,  ADL mobilized to provide information about the conflict and Hamas, respond to misinformation, monitor anti-Israel activity and  track anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and around the globe.

ADL has been providing crucial background on all elements of the crisis through backgrounders, videos, podcasts, graphics, and encouraging Israel’s supporters to share this information on social media.  The staff of ADL’s Jerusalem office shared their personal reflections  providing insight into how Israelis were dealing with incoming Hamas rockets and the IDF’s response.  ADL responded to print, radio and television misrepresentations of the situation on the ground.  ADL graphics were featured on billboards in California (see photo). ADL offices around the country co-sponsored community solidarity with Israel rallies.

ADL monitored  the scores of anti-Israel demonstrations around the U.S., and exposed rhetoric that crossed the line into base anti-Semitism.

ADL tracked the upsurge of anti-Israel protests and anti-Semitic incidents in Europe and Latin America, where Jewish communities were confronted with attacks against Jews, Jewish institutions and businesses.  ADL welcomed the strong statement by French leaders, as well as a unified statement of French, German and Italian leaders condemning anti-Semitic attacks and hate speech.

ADL also spoke out against, what it called, “an increasingly hostile environment towards Jews” in Turkey, and condemned Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s highly inappropriate and “harshly incendiary comments” about the conflict.


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