Pictured: 2014 Honorees Jack Neinstein, Jonathan Cookler, Ken Miles

As a kickoff to the 31st Annual ADL/El Caballero Country Club Golf Tournament & Awards Dinner to be held September 10, nearly 70 club members and guests attended an exclusive briefing, Anti-Government Extremism on the Rise: A Look at the Sovereign Citizen Movement.  Tournament co-chairs and hosts for the evening were Alison Diamond and Ron Salter.  They welcomed the group and introduced the 2014 honorees:  Jonathan Cookler, Sam Saltsman Award and Jack Sheldon Neinstein and Kenneth A. Miles of NSBN LLP — Corporate Community Service Award.

Event Co-chairs Ron Salter and Alison Diamond, LASD Det. Knittel, Regional Director Amanda Susskind

ADL’s Pacific Southwest Regional Director Amanda Susskind opened the evening with an update on the conflict in Israel.  Remarking on the recent upsurge in anti-Semitic and anti-Israel protests, activity and messages on social media, Susskind said, “What happens in Israel doesn’t stay in Israel; it affects us all.”  She urged everyone to keep up with ADL resources including www.adl.org/IsraelUnderAttack.

ADL’s California Investigative Researcher Joanna Mendelson and LA Sheriff’s Department Homeland Security Division Detective Jeffrey Knittel explained the history, ideology and activity of the Sovereign Citizen Movement. Both speakers shared headlines and cases that illustrate the criminal activity, increasing violence and irreparable damage this group is doing across the country.  Every year, ADL trains more than 1000 law enforcement personnel in this region on extremist groups.

ADL is grateful to the El Caballero community for its continued support.  For more information on the 2014 Golf Tournament & Awards Dinner (hyperlink to event page) honoring Jonathan Cookler, Jack Sheldon Neinstein and Kenneth A. Miles, please contact ralevy@adl.org or call 310-446-4267.