Pictured:  Stacy Burdett (center) with Regional Board Chair Seth Gerber and GLI co-chair Lauren Ross.

ADL Director of Government and National Affairs Stacy Burdett visited the Pacific Southwest Region from Washington, DC on January 14.

She addressed a combined meeting of the Regional Board and Glass Leadership Institute  to discuss, “Advancing ADL’s Agenda in Gridlocked Washington.”

During the presentation, Burdett discussed the fact that the Jewish community registers and votes at a higher rate than the population at large, giving the community a “magnified voice in U.S. politics” and talked about the top priorities for ADL, including hate crimes, sanctions on Iran and immigration reform.  Using interactive exercises with the young leaders and board members, Burdett demonstrated the various levels of advocacy and how we decide what priority an issue should have.  She stressed the many tools in our toolkit, from public advocacy to joining a coalition, and the importance of the lay leaders in each region taking an active leadership role.

Burdett also met with Joseph Villela, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles to discuss ADL’s work in passing comprehensive immigration reform.