Pictured: Participating in ‘Building an Ally’ exercise”

The Korean Ministry of Education recently sent about 30 Korean teachers to California to study best practices for combatting prejudice, bias and bullying.  This group was one of three delegations sent across the globe to learn about best practices in creating safe and equitable learning spaces—other delegates visited Germany and Australia.  The Ministry contacted ADL and offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco put together two day-long trainings for the visiting teachers.  Facilitators from ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute in the Pacific Southwest Region, working with translators, met with the delegates and ministry officials on January 27.  A similar program took place a week earlier in ADL’s Central Pacific Region.


Korean delegates with A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute Facilitators and ADL Staff


The Korean educators and ministry officials were eager to learn about programs that encourage peer allies in instances of bullying and programs that appreciate student differences from an early age.  The training by ADL facilitators for these foreign nationals provided an opportunity for international collaboration and cross-cultural learning.

Hard at work ‘Building an Ally’

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